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What to expect

Our clients are warmly welcomed to each session and encouraged to talk about themselves in ways that are different from conversations we have with family, friends and colleagues. You can expect to be guided and supported in reflecting upon how you are thinking, feeling and behaving. This may be difficult at first, and, like any new activity, takes some time to get used to. However, through these discussions, clients tell us they are better able to understand how their thinking contributes to their emotional well-being and the choices they make.

Whether you choose counselling for a specific problem, or to improve your general well-being, you will benefit from identifying unhelpful thinking and its behaviours. From here, you can emphasise helpful ways of thinking and make different choices that lead to a set of positive actions and outcomes. Of course, all of our clients can also expect that their discussions with our psychologists are confidential.


In order to receive the Medicare Rebate under the Australian’s Government Better Access to Mental Health initiative a referral from your GP will be required.

Medicare Rebate

When you make an appointment with your GP, he/she will make an assessment of your current mental health and will then provide you with a Mental Health Care Plan. This provides up-to 10 sessions in a calendar year.

A general review takes place after 6 session and if required an additional 4 sessions can be made available.


Matthew consults at 183-185 Beechworth Road Wodonga, the current fee is $180.00 per session (50 to 60 minutes).

Please contact Matthew directly on 0412 850 394 if you would like more information about fees.

A variety of psychological assessments are available and can be conducted on-site or at our client’s preferred location.

Rebates of $84.80 can be processed immediately if you have a bank account that is registered through Medicare.

Payments can be made via credit card, cheque or cash.

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To make an appointment call 0412850394 or email