Kindred Spirits

Supporting parents through pregnancy loss

Kindred Spirits was established to support parents through pregnancy loss. Pregnancy loss happens unexpectedly and in a number of ways and losing a child changes us for the rest of our lives. Your experience of loss is deeply personal and unique.

We understand how overwhelming that grief and loss can feel. We also understand how difficult it is to make decisions during that time. Our loss can throw us into a position where we have to make important decisions and take action when we are extremely vulnerable.

Hour of Advocacy

Kindred Spirits exists to support you and your family during this time. We do this by acting as your advocate.

Your 'Hour of Advocacy' has been designed by parents who are trained in Mental Health First Aid and have experienced pregnancy loss. Your loss is profound and will be difficult to navigate. We believe creating access to specific areas of support will help you make important decisions with as much clarity as possible. You may be interested in some, or all, of these support services now or in the future.

What to Expect During the 'Hour of Advocacy'?

The 'Hour of Advocacy' is for parents who have lost their infant child or children.

We will share some of the immediate next steps you may need to consider during this difficult time. We will then connect you with relevant professionals and services in the Albury/Wodonga region that are able to help. We do this by listening to your needs with compassion and respect. There is no obligation to access any of these services.

How Can I Access the 'Hour of Advocacy'?

Kindred Spirits’ 'Hour of Advocacy' is supported by Optimum Psychology at no cost to parents.

Contact Optimum Psychology directly to access the 'Hour of Advocacy'.

Marguerite Ryan
0437 974 670

Matthew Ryan
0412 850 394


Step By Step...

Pregnancy loss and neonatal death is an extremely personal experience. We completely respect that what brings comfort and support to some individuals and families will do the opposite for others. The suggestions below are designed to help you think through some important steps.

These steps are structured around four critical questions that, from our experience, will help parents navigate the very early stages of decision-making following (neo-natal) child loss, including: